Stock Music Library

This Is the Blaze Mordecai Stock Music Library. All of the audio tracks below are available for Purchase or for Music Licensing opportunities.

You may visit our “Music Licensing” page for more information. To purchase this music, please visit our “Albums” page.


"Red Light"


"Beast From The East"


“Apocalyptic Kiss”



“Muhammad Buddha Christ”



“The Rising Barakiel”



“Your Dreams Will Come”



“Clearing Cobwebs”


“Religion Is Mind Control”



“The Freedom Within”






“Gay” (Instrumental)



“Gay” (with Vocals)



“Awakenings” (Instrumental)



“Awakenings” (with Vocals)



“This Is The Light” (Instrumental)



“This Is The Light” (with Vocals)



"The 9/11 Questions"






"A War With Insanity"






"A Nightmare on Wall Street"



"Crimson Warfare"


Blaze Mordecai Recording Vocal Tracks for Kildig Album

THIS WAS POSTED TO KILDIG.COM ON 7/27/2022   The last time that I made any mention of the debut Kildig Album was back on December 5th, 20...