Music Licensing

If you would like to license one of Blaze Mordecai’s songs in your project. Please email us at with the information provided below and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

Full Name, Song Title, Purpose of License, Where Will Our Music Be Used: Film Festivals / Competition, Online (Websites, Youtube, Vimeo, Social Media etc), Public Performance / Screening, Radio Broadcast, Television Broadcast, Video on Demand Services (Netflix etc), Other, Who Is Your Project For (Personal Use, Business Use, Organization, or Other Non-Personal Use), The Title of Your Project, A Brief Description of Your Project or Scene for Which You Intend To Use The Song.

Also, Please, Include Any Relevant Website Links.


Future Blaze Mordecai Films Begin Pre-Production

THIS WAS POSTED TO KILDIG.COM ON 4/6/2022   The last time that I posted about my future films was back on December 5th, 2021 in which I d...