Blaze Mordecai, is a Musician & singer. He runs & owns his own “Music Licensing” business online. His primary genres of music are: Rock, Heavy Metal, Punk, Alternative, & Instrumentals. Blaze Mordecai, has been playing music for over 25 years. He is very skilled at playing guitar, singing, bass, & writing lyrics. You can listen or purchase tracks from his "Stock Music Library" here. He is also very skilled at creating "Music Video's" & he even released one independent film called "The 9/11 Questions." If you would like to purchase his music for licensing opportunities then please click on the "Music Licensing" link above.

Major KiLDiG Album Update for 2024

Source: www.Kildig.com The last Kildig Album update that I gave was in my post on September 30th, 2022 called "Two Songs Completed for ...