Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Future Blaze Mordecai Films Begin Pre-Production



The last time that I posted about my future films was back on December 5th, 2021 in which I discussed future sequels to my original documentary style film "The 9/11 Questions". The post can be read at "2022 & 2023 Kildig Plans + Future Blaze Mordecai Films + 'The 9/11 Questions' Sequels".

In that post, I stated that I'll begin working on my 2 sequels to my film "The 9/11 Questions" beginning in 2023. I'll be taking a leave of absence from January 2023 to January 2024. It is possible that I may even take a 2 year leave of absence. However, the update will occur in January 2024 on the future direction of During my leave of absence, I'll be working on my 2nd film "Language of The Illuminati" & then my 3rd film "The Bible God Kills".

Currently, both films are being prepped to begin production later this year. Most likely in late 2022 as I'm still working on finishing up content for for the remainder of this year. I have already completed most of the Kildig content for the rest of 2022. I have about 15 more posts to complete. Mostly video game content to be released through the months of September & beyond.

I'll be creating chapters in each upcoming film just as I did with my documentary "The 9/11 Questions". I'm very excited to create "The Bible God Kills" documentary as I've been studying this subject for over 10 years now. Over the years, I've been saving as well as creating a ton of content for this future production. Its possible that both films will be created simultaneously throughout 2023. I'll post more updates in time as I progress.

Future film projects are definitely on the table after this trilogy of films are released. I already have 2 more film ideas in place along with a lot of video content. That will be announced in the right time. Thanks for reading everyone & thank you for visiting

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Blaze Mordecai Pushing Back Sequels To "The 9/11 Questions"

Source: Back in April 2022, I began pre-production on my 2 sequels to "The 9/11 Questions" film that I released b...