Sunday, January 2, 2022

Blaze Mordecai's 5 Year Plan + Atheism + Kildig + Blaze Mordecai Retires + Future Blaze Mordecai Films

So, this website hasn't been updated regularly since November of 2020. At that time, I was having a hard time. I was dealing with the breakup of a relationship. I released my debut album "Subconscious: Reset The Future" at that time & I didn't have the funding to market the album. I was in a bad place for a very long time.

Anyways, I've created a new 5 year business plan. The Blaze Mordecai website will now be featured as simply a "Music Licensing" business. Starting tomorrow on January 3rd, I will begin pitching my music to music libraries several hours per day 5 days per week.

Soon, I will be re-releasing my 2020 album "Subconscious: Reset The Future" as a 5 song album. I will be marketing the album through Facebook, Reverb Nation, Youtube, & many other avenues.

In March 2021, I became an atheist. This has been building up since 2013. I was once a bible thumping christian who had zero ability to question anything. As I've studied several different subjects: science, quantam physics, all religions, the illuminati, the new world order agenda, history, etc. I'm 100% convinced there is no god & there is no afterlife. There is zero evidence of these things. So, I don't know how anyone can believe in this stuff. I said my last prayer to God in March 2021 & I haven't spoken to him or her ever since. At the end of my last prayer, I said "God, I've been calling you for decades now & you never answer me. You reject all of my prayers. So, you have my phone number. You can call me from now on if you are real." I still haven't received a phone call from god. Perhaps invisible men that live in the sky don't exist. haha I sure feel like an idiot for believing in this trash for so long, but thats what weak people do. I'm no longer weak & I don't believe in man made fairy tales anymore.

The Blaze Mordecai website won't be getting anymore regular weekly updates again. Thats not a part of my new 5 year business plan. However, updates will occur periodically.

I did start a new band a few years ago named "Kildig" & we have all of the music recorded for the future album. I just need to go in & record the vocal tracks. I'll be doing that at some point. However, I don't really have any passion for music anymore. In November 2021, I told my drummer Dismembered that I'm retiring from music or taking a very long break for at least 2 years. In fact, the next day I sold all of my electric guitars, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, all of my pedals, guitar cases, etc. Creating new content & new music is not a part of my new 5 year business plan.

Speaking of Kildig, the website located at will continue to receive weekly updates throughout 2022. I will be posting around 6-10 updates per month. I released a 9/11 Documentary through the Kildig website on September 11th, 2021 called "The 9/11 Questions". Its an excellent film if you have any interest in 9/11. I found video footage that 98% of the population hasn't seen.

In 2023, I will begin working on the sequel to "The 9/11 Questions" which will be called "Language of The Illuminati." Like in the first film, I will expose the illuminati & their evil intentions for humanity. I may even be doing the next 2 films back to back. The 3rd film of the trilogy will be called "The Bible God Kills" which will focus on god's millions of murders in The Bible that most christians totally ignore & yet somehow they say that god is love. Really? I didn't know that murderers were loving people. Total hypocrisy. At that time, I will most likely be taking off the entire year of 2023 from doing many Kildig website updates while I work on both films.

Thank You for Reading,
Blaze Angelus Mordecai

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