Wednesday, November 3, 2021 Review By Blaze Mordecai

In January 2022, I will begin a 5 year plan on reaching my goals with "Music Licensing" & other business ventures. Therefore, I decided to cancel my web hosting plans with Host Gator & rebuild my websites for free on Then, I would simply get 2 domain forwarding accounts for my websites & www.TheBlazeMordecai.Net. I did this for the purpose of cutting down any unnessecary costs in my life.

On September 27th, 2021, I began to transfer my 2 domain names over to I had worked with in 2016 when I purchased a web hosting account for an online business that I ran at the time. Later that year, I ended my partnership with not caring much for their services.

So, the domain transfers began on September 27th, 2021, & Name Cheap repeatedly told me that I had to contact Blogspot, but couldn't tell me what to say to Blogpsot when I contacted them. I told that all I was looking to do was create a Domain Forward. Therefore, you don't need assistance from Blogspot. I know this because I've gone through this process before many times in the past. was extremely unprofessional to me in our conversations & dealings over "Online Chat". Yes, this company only offers online chat & they don't have a phone number that you can call to talk to a real person. That's the first sign of a very unsuccessful business. If you can't talk to a real person, that company is useless to be honest.

I spent 2 weeks trying to deal with the employess at & trying to get them to do their job correctly. Sadly they failed miserably. Most of the people that I spoke to couldn't even comprehend how a Domain Forward works. Its not rocket science. They basically told me that if I didn't contact Blogspot then my domains would never be forwarded & my 2 websites would remain offline forever. This caused a lot of unnessecary stress in my life. Then, I told them that I wanted a refund & they flat out refused. I paid Name Cheap $25 to do a job & they didn't do the job. They never completed the job at all in fact. The domains weren't transferred & my websites still remained offline for 2 weeks. So, they took my $25, but didn't fulfill their business obligations.

I then decided that I needed to go with a great company who is successful, has great reviews, & has an actual phone number with 24 hour customer service. After 2 weeks of dealing with a bunch of idiots over at I decided to spend even more money to transfer my 2 domain names AGAIN this time moving them over to Its funny what happened. Once my 2 domain names were transferred to GoDaddy after 5 days, it literally took me 3 minutes to get my websites back online. It took 3 minutes to get my websites back online with & couldn't even get the job done over a 2 week period. is a terrible company & I highly suggest that no one ever does business with these people. I'm posting this because I want to save people from losing their money, time, & energy in dealing with this shitty fuckin' company. I also posted a review over at You can read my review here: "NameCheap - This Website Is Dogshit!" ... So, upon reading other reviews, is known for ripping people off & screwing them over. You can read all of the Reviews including mine at:

Never do business with the thieves over at I am a very nice person, but if you steal money out of my pocket. If you steal food out of my mouth. Then, I will be an asshole to you. I ripped the idiotic NameCheap employees a new asshole over online chat the last day that we talked. I never did get a refund. So, thats why I'm posting this. If someone took $25 out of your wallet, would you stand by & do nothing? Would you be a doormat? I wouldn't. I stand up for myself if someone does wrong to me. Anyways, fuck those people. They will be out of business in the not so distant future because word of mouth travels.

I will end with this statement though saying that this is 100% my fault because I didn't first check to see if had a phone number with good customer service. I also failed to type into Google " Reviews" which would've shown me all of the bad reviews that I found on So, I accept responsibility for the $25 loss, but also I won't allow criminals to screw me over without getting a little revenge in return. Thats why I'm posting this review. So, I can help protect people from getting a potato in the tailpipe from like I did. hahaha Anyways, thanks for reading!!

Blaze Mordecai


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