Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Blaze Mordecai’s – “Gay” Music Video

Here is the last music video for my album “Subconscious: Reset The Future” which was just released today on 11/11/2020. More details are below.

This music video is for my song “Gay” which is about a gay friend of mine. I witnessed so many blind hateful Christians judging & hating him because he is a gay man. This song is about the trials & tribulations that he & also myself have endured through our expierences with organized religion. Its about the expierence of saving him from the suicide they nearly drove him to commit by endlessly shaming him. Thank God, I was used to save him from himself. This song is my tribute to the gay community. Its my stand against people hating on the gay community because its pure bullshit. Nothing makes us better than another person except thoughts that come from a corrupt mindset of egoism which is spiritual darkness & spiritual immaturity.

The “Subconscious: Reset The Future” album can be purchased as an MP3 download for $5 at the following link:


Blaze Mordecai - “Gay” (Music Video):

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